Sharbati Sunday Brunch
Feast your mind, body, soul with traditional summer foods

Sunday 28 April 2013
12 noon – 2 pm

@ Genda Mahal
F 342 A, Second Floor;
Old M.B Road
Behind Crescent Mall
Lado Sarai, New Delhi
(Map and directions on request)

INR 1000/- per sharbat lover

# 91-11-41671100 / 41764054




Sharbat is a popular summer beverage, prepared from diverse ingredients such as extracts of fruits, flowers, plants and herbs. In the age of colas and toxic aerated drinks, we seem to have forgotten the goodness of these indigenous Indian beverages which are nutritious refreshers, thirst quenchers and summer coolers, also having medicinal / ayurvedic properties. Sharbats, in all their mindboggling variety are truly natural saatvik foods.

Our summer special Sharbati Sunday brunch brings you in intimate contact with fresh home-made sharbats. Savour a rich array of these sensual delights, and say “what’s up?” to cruel summer breezingly…Revel in the summery dance of colours, aromas and flavours, and the universe of music, food and beauty with these, your new desi best friends!

The Menu
Fruit based Sharbats: Bel, Phalsa
Grain based Sharbats: Sattus
Pannas: Mango Panna, Imli (Tamarind) Panna, Kishmish Panna
Miscellaneous: Badaam (Almond) Gulab (Rose), Ginger-Lemon, Saunf (Aniseed)
Yoghurt and milk based drinks: Piyush, Thandai


Dress in a Sharbati colour, and make the brunch an experience!

Follow the sharbati code!