WORKSHOP – Decoding Indian Contemporary Art

Appreciate, read and enjoy contemporary art

Date & Time

Sunday 17 July, 2011 – 11 am to 6 pm

Venue: Genda Mahal, Lado Sarai

For venue details and registration contact: Himanshu Verma / 41764054 /

Workshop Fee: Rs. 1500/-

Customised workshops available for groups / organisations.


This workshop, conducted by arts curator Himanshu Verma will familiarise you with a brief history of Indian art as a backgrounder, and facilitate understanding and appreciation of various elements of Indian contemporary art.

We will exercise this knowledge with an exciting variety of artworks – less theory, more practice, training the eye to see beauty and revel in the nuance…!

Hopefully, after this day-long session, you will no longer say, “What the hell is contemporary art?”

The workshop will feature:

  • A brief presentation on the history of Indian art, discussing some movements, important historical artists, and trends.
  • Understanding mediums of art, techniques, artistic styles.
  • A closer look at the work of some important contemporary artists.
  • Group exercises and games interpreting artworks.
  • Meetings with artists and discussing their work.
  • Take back art souvenirs and mementoes

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Jaimini Roy

Deepak Tandon