Sharbat Making Workshop

Learn the art of summer cool!

Date and Time

Sunday 10 July 2011, 12 noon to 5 pm

Venue: Genda Mahal, Lado Sarai

For venue details and registration contact:
Himanshu Verma / 41764054 /

Workshop Fee: Rs. 1200/-


Sharbat is a popular summer beverage, prepared from diverse ingredients such as extracts of fruits, flowers, plants and herbs. Most of us seem to have forgotten the goodness of these indigenous Indian beverages, as colas and other toxic aerated drinks have replaced the good old Sharbats. Resultantly, the hundreds of Sharbats that have quenched the thirst of our fore-fathers, are now hard to find. But besides the well-known sharbats like Roohafza, Khus etc, there is a wealth of traditional sharbat recipes. Nutritious refreshers, thirst quenchers and coolers, most of these drinks have medicinal / ayurvedic properties, and are truly natural-organic-saatvik foods, with positive effects on the body and mind. So whether you want to keep heat stroke at bay, or rejuvenate yourself after a long day, sharbats are a better option, than its poor dehydrating cousins. Moreover, sharbats are capable of many a sensual summer experience, replete with their array of colours, aromas and flavours!

The workshop has been designed in such a way to make you a Sharbat expert in a matter of five hours – it’s easier than you think! We will make various types of fresh sharbats in the kitchen (without any preservatives). Participants will be introduced to basic ways of Sharbat making, a knowledge which they can apply to make more and more Sharbats on their own.

In the course of the workshop, we will make about 10-12 sharbats, including:
1. Fruit based Sharbats: Bel, Phalsa and others
2. Grain based Sharbats: Sattu
3. Pannas: Mango Panna, Imli (Tamarind) Panna, Kishmish ka Panna
4. Miscellaneous: Badaam (Almond) Gulab (Rose), Ginger-Lemon, Saunf (Aniseed) and more
5. Yoghurt and milk based drinks: Piyush, Thandai

The workshop will show you how to keep cool naturally, and perhaps you will stop complaining about the summer heat, but enjoying it with this very special food of the Indian summer.

Participants will also be introduced to the universe around the Sharbats – smells, music, food, and other things of beauty….

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Image: Johanna Buss

Image: Johanna Buss

Image: Johanna Buss

Image: Mayank Austen Soofi